Robin Cole

Robin Kay Cole

Robin has more than 16 years of hands-on experience designing, building and troubleshooting websites for colleges, libraries, nonprofits, businesses and entrepreneurs. 

She has extensive experience developing websites with WordPress, Drupal, DotNetNuke and even from scratch.

She can write HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript in her sleep and considers a day working with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator a really good time.

Reacher Lee Gunner Cole

Reacher Lee Cole

Reacher Lee Cole is Robin’s office assistant, workout coach and partner in crime.

He has extensive experience creating a mellow office vibe and letting Robin know when it’s time to go out and get some exercise.

He is an expert at using his big brown eyes to get treats, walks, belly rubs, scratches behind the ears and did I mention treats?

He considers a day spent supervising Robin and keeping her feet warm while napping a really good time.